Western Bay Museum offers a hands-on, experience centred education programme tailored to meet teacher needs and class learning objectives.

Children with projectorsProgrammes offer a wide range of practical yet fun-filled learning activities lead by experienced museum educators.

The main programme theme is School and Life in the early 1900s, however, with each change of featured museum exhibition [three or four per year] the educational emphasis will change accordingly. 

The opening exhibition is entitled Fun and Games.

Class of "pioneer" children

Making butter pats requires great concentrationThe Western Museum prefers to offer one session per day

During the session our experienced educators will work initially with the whole class which will then break into smaller groups for the hands-on activities.

Due to limited space, class group size is limited to 34 Children and two adults.

Total programme time is 2.5 hrs this includes a 1\2 hr break.

Programmes costs are $10 per student.

Western Bay Museum encourages teachers to discuss special requirements or concerns with museum staff prior to their visit.

Booking is essential for all groups and confirmation will be emailed out to schools along with applicable charges. 

In a media saturated age where so much experience is second hand we offer students a real life, fun-filled, interactive experience of early New Zealand history.

For more information or to book a class please contact us on:

Phone: 07 5490651

Email: [email protected]

Children learning how butter is made